Nemesis attis



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In ancient mythology, Attis represented the fruits of the Earth, which died in the winter only to rise again in the spring.

Now, I don’t give a shit about the fruits of the Earth, my version would very much sound like dying at the office only to rise again in the gym. It’s exactly what Attis helps you do.

After a rough day, whether on a diet or just because of a demanding job, this shit lifts you up and gets you ready to run through walls again.  It’s no surprise that the dude had its own cult.

There’s no calories. No sugar. No nothing. Just a whopping 200mg of pure caffeine to give you a kick in the pants. Take a tab. Wait 15 minutes. And kill that shit.

Contains 90 caps 200mg Caffeine

Supplement facts:

Serving size:  1 cap