Body Attack – Vitamin D3 Depot – 120 caps



Are you at the office until late in the evening or do you not have much free time to get some sunshine? Then get the concentrated sun power in small capsules with the Body Attack Vitamin D3 Depot. Vitamin D3 is the nutrient to strengthen your immune system and to support metabolic processes in the body in the best possible way. A depot capsule supplies you the whole week with the valuable sun Vitamin. No more annoying, daily capsule swallowing!

Vitamin D3 Caps are ideal for supporting the following goals:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Preservation of dental health
  • Support of cell division and thus participation in the formation of new muscles

For whom are Vitamin D3 Depot Caps suitable?

  • For people who want to strengthen their immune system
  • For people whose skin is rarely exposed to the sun
  • For people who eat little or no fish