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Gloves For woman.


Let’s break it down — what do gloves really do for you and your workout? Gloves protect your hands from tearing, blisters, calluses and all that other bloody stuff. They preserve your hands so you can finish your WOD, or smash your own PR, or overcome a competitor in the last seconds of your box comp. Some gloves – like ours with built-in WristWraps — offer you hand protection with wrist stabilization and support. So no need to wear gloves and wrist wraps. Other gloves – like our Open Finger styles – give you more feel on the bar. All of our gloves have seamless palm for the best, most natural grip, and are made from machine wash and dryable real leather that is a lot tougher and grip-ier than the synthetic stuff… so wear gloves to last longer, train harder and (hopefully) PR often! – See more at: http://humanxgear.com/protection/x3gloves#sthash.sgUL3QGg.dpuf